The iSun Story

The iSun Story

The Peck Story

Peck Electric has been a family-owned electrical contractor based in Vermont for nearly five decades. Over the years, we have built exceptional relationships with our clients and developed broad expertise across the electrical contracting disciplines. In the 1980s, IBM chose Peck Electric to wire their new manufacturing facilities, and we have continued to serve IBM/Global Foundries as well as other large companies ever since. In 2013, we made a strategic decision to focus on Solar EPC, only after we were certain of the sustainable business model. Since then, we have grown to be the largest Solar EPC in Vermont and have constructed the largest solar arrays in the State for our commercial and utility customers. We are proud of our unparalleled technical expertise and the long-term business partnerships we have built.

After installing more than 100MW of solar energy, we are well positioned for the coming transformation to an all renewable energy economy. We have now opened our family company to the public market as part of our strategic growth plan. We are expanding across the Northeast to serve the fast-growing demand for clean renewable energy. We are open to partnering with others to accelerate our growth process, and we are expanding our own portfolio of company-owned solar arrays to establish recurring revenue streams for many years to come. We have established a leading presence in the market after five decades of successfully serving our customers, and we are now ready for new opportunities and the next five decades of success.

The iSun Story

It's a story of many decades of focus on helping to make the world a brighter place with clean energy. Our founder built his first solar energy start-up in 1988. He likes to say “It was me, treehuggers and scientists back then and I had to figure out how to make it a sustainable business”. For over 20 years he focused on transport power solutions to help prevent batteries from going dead when the vehicles were stationary. From being the first ever to create a retail consumer solution for vehicles from motorcycles to RVs, then moving onto the automotive producer world and creating the first ever solar-powered trickle charger for VW’s automobiles in 2005. In 2010, Sass was approached by GM who was launching the Volt. He helped them design and produce their own solar powered EV charging station before founding the first iSun office in 2011. In 2012, with the help of Eaton Corporation, iSun Energy (Canadian office) built its first ever solar powered station on the 427 Highway in Toronto, Ontario. This was the first of many subsequent iterations and evolutions of the system.

Our story is really about the people we help clean up their energy sources and mobility choices. We empower (pun intended). We provide energy certainty. Our iSun OS platform algorithms improve the predictive metrics of the amount of sun power will be generated, stored and delivered to electric vehicles, right when needed. We want people to feel the potential of what we are creating together.

Where we are today...

Today, we transform to deliver smart-city innovation, energy and mobility infrastructure and sustainable impact as iSun Inc. (NASDAQ: ISUN)

Our goals are to...

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