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At iSun Energy We’re proud to make it easy for our clients to adopt sustainable solutions that aren’t always connected to the traditional grid. This is why we’ve designed and created an off-grid, battery-backed solution, called iSun ROAM. ROAM has all the features and functionalities of our grid-tied platforms, yet is transportable and doesn’t require any grid-connection, thanks to its American-designed and manufactured lithium battery system.

The iSun ROAM is a stepping stone to a sustainable and healthy future for our children and families through clean mobility and carbon free air quality, no matter where you may want to recharge an electric vehicle. 

Every iSun ROAM includes the same top quality hardware and comprehensive software solutions as our grid-connected system. It's also armed with capabilities to monitor and manage how the battery is discharged each and every day, no matter where its placed from the North Pole to an island in the Caribbean!



Store energy for off-grid access


Aircraft grade aluminium structure


Dual-facing American Solar Technology adds up to 27% more power

EV Charging

Smart EV charging for each parking spot

Smart lighting

Light up and control your carport at any time of day or night


Enhanced design – maintain all your parking spots


Smart accessories expand your function

Long Lasting

Rated & Compliant with North American Standards & Conditions


iSun OS is a touch-less, multipurpose software that bridges the gap between existing EV charging systems and tomorrow’s sustainable future.

Gain unparalleled insight into your system’s return on investment, impact, and intention using state of the art monitoring technologies. See exactly how your organization is creating a more sustainable world for generations to come.

Monitor & optimize solar inverters

Log and measure solar energy output, prevent system faults, measure air quality and EV charging metrics

Leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS tools for a secure system

End-to-end approach for a secure infrastructure

Air Quality, temperature, humidity, carbon emissions avoided

Discover the power of iSun OS


Solar Power Management

Solar Power Management

Control your solar and charging operations from a simple dashboard

Management of EV chargers

Management of EV chargers



Regular maintenance is provided by iSun Energy, should issues arise

Snow removal or Cleaning

Snow removal or Cleaning

Cleaning and snow removal is included in our services to allow your solar panels to work year round

Update over the air to the iSun OS portal

Update over the air to the iSun OS portal

Easily connect and update your solar carport through the simple iSun OS portal.


Protection from heat, rain, snow & UV

Increase your property value

Launch your organization ahead in the Electric Vehicle revolution

Visual beacon of sustainability

Only system that puts you in the driver seat to control charging schedule

Laser targeted marketing messages

Return on investment through saved energy costs

Solar investment eligible for tax credits and incentives

Off Grid

Includes carport, battery, two Level 2 EV Chargers, LED lighting, iSun OS Software, and installation

Download the iSun Roam Product Pamphlet

4 Car

4 Car

  • Airplane-grade aluminum structure
  • Bi-facial solar panels
  • Smart inverter
  • Two (2) Smart EV charger Level 2
  • iSun HUB Battery
  • Electrical sub-panel
  • Multi-Sensor Array of things
  • Smart light and control
  • LTE Data and management
  • Software install and portal (5 Years)
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Permits and local Engineering stamps for Utility or Municipal requirements
Starting at $ 169,000.00 USD

iSun OS: $199 per month for 1 yr, $189 per month for 3yr, $179 per month for 5 yr.

Installation Conditions: Price is contingent on-site survey by installation partner. Pricing estimate includes all permits, inspections, equipment,

material, & labor to install and commission a finished product. Trenching Cost (Closest corner of solar canopy to closest

interconnect point/transition point to above ground) = $20/ft additionally. Shipping to within 500 miles of Burlington, VT

Payment Terms: 50% on order, 40% on delivery of materials, 10% within 10 days of install

Color options

Sustainable Silver
Graphite Black
Sand Beige
Leaf Green
Luminous Red
Chocolate Brown
Ocean Blue
Pure White

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