Commercial Sites

Commercial Sites

iSun solar systems are designed to generate a triple ROI for your commercial site.

Whether you are planning a ground-mounted, roof-top, carport or other solar electrical system, we can evaluate your solar potential with a professional site survey and performance modeling software. We then provide you with cost-comparative options. iSun Energy has the technical expertise, local connections, equipment, and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget. Our solar electricians are the best in the business and have been installing commercial solar systems since 2007. While we can construct PV solar systems of any size, we are able to add the most value for project sizes ranging from 100kW to 10MW.

With iSun, you're investing in decades of experience for decades of returns and ease of use.

Aiming for a Triple ROI

  • Cleaner air
  • Community engagement
  • Sustainability
  • Resiliency
  • Energy payback
  • Cost efficiency

Benefits of iSun Energy Solar Solutions for Commercial Sites

Commercial Sites

The Bourgeois investment in the iSun PALM is another step in the evolution of our group in the electrification of transport. Our confidence in the iSun team has been validated by the results we see on our site today. Since the month of June, and for at least the next thirty years, our solar carport will produce clean solar energy right on site, protecting our customer’s cars, our planet, and our energy costs.

Hugo Jeanson Bourgeois Chevrolet

Commercial Sites

We have trusted Peck to construct over 40 megawatts of high impact ground-mount, rooftop, landfill and and community solar projects over the past 10 years, helping us deliver enough clean energy to power more than 30,000 average New England homes. Their integrity, expertise, craftsmanship and problem-solving capabilities have made them a valuable partner in our commitment to working with communities to create a brighter, cleaner future for all. We are excited for their iSun transition and look forward to continuing to expand our successful working relationship.

Chad Farrell Chief Executive Officer • Encore Renewable Energy

Learn how your commercial site can generate a triple ROI